Adam Dray (adamdray) wrote in nomicwiki,
Adam Dray

Game 2


Lisa, Dan, and I have decided to reset the nomic game. After speaking to Lisa, this is what I have decided to do.

The nomic game we started some weeks ago (call it "Game 1") is defunct. That is, it's not over, but I'm not supporting it on the wiki anymore, either. ;)

I have started a new nomic game (call it "Game 2") on the same wiki, but using a slightly modified version of the rules that should prevent deadlocks due to inactivity.

To play in the new game, you must register your real name and user id on the new Player List. I removed everyone else's name because the new rules specifically require you to place your own name there.

Theoretically, the game is in progress and I can begin making rule changes and ratifying them. Essentially, that's what I did to get the modified ruleset into action. As soon as I have a second player (or more), procedure gets trickier, because my vote isn't the only one. So get on it!

The game is less likely to deadlock now but it can still stall. Right now, a rule-change requires a unanimous vote to pass. The anti-deadlock rules change a missing vote to an "abstain" automatically after one week, but that won't pass a rule unanimously. After two complete cycles of players (which I'll define as "at the start of my third turn" since I was the first player, but that's up for debate), Rule 203 changes the requirement to a simple majority to pass a proposal. Still, if more than half of the players go inactive, we will have more "abstains" than "yeas" and the proposals will fail. One of our early laws ought to be a way to purge inactive voters, but I thought I'd leave that problem for the group to solve.
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