Adam Dray (adamdray) wrote in nomicwiki,
Adam Dray


Cinna posted her Proposal 302, which was quickly challenged by Lisa as violating Rule 301's formatting requirements. Cinna used Rule 212 to Call for Judgment (CFJ). Adam ruled that Cinna's proposal was properly formatted and valid.

Voting on Proposal 302 continues. Bobson still needs to cast his vote on the issue for voting to be complete (we still require unanimous consent to pass a proposal).

We quickly received majority consent to continue after I ruled on 302's CFJ, so once 302's voting period has ended (either when Bobson votes, or the week deadline has passed), it will be Bobson's turn to create a Proposal. He has some experience playing Nomic, so I'm sure he has some cool ideas. Even if he doesn't, I'd be happy to see us pass a resolution to change 203's unanimous consent rule to majority consent.

Oh, and Cinna posted a picture of herself with the Motherlode!
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