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Rule Proposal examples

Since I've played Nomic before, I thought I'd seed the game with some examples of rule proposals. None of these are actually rule proposals, but you're welcome to borrow them or use them outright.

Rule Proposal 301
Enactment: Definition of Players
A player of the game is any person who meets all of the following criteria:

  1. He is registered with his or her real first name and surname and email address on the wiki.

  2. His or her real name and username are on the Player List.

No one may add or remove another person's real name and/or username from the Player List except that a player may give another player permission to remove his information from the Player List.

Rule Proposal 301
Amendment of Rule 202, Definition of a Turn and Scoring
Amend Rule 202 and replace all of its text with the following:

One turn consists of two parts in this order: (1) proposing one rule-change and having it voted on OR do nothing, and (2) determining the award for the rule and adding it to one's score.

To determine the score, players subtract 291 from the ordinal number of their proposal and multiply the result by the fraction of favorable votes it received, rounded to the nearest integer. (This yields a number between 0 and 10 for the first player, with the upper limit increasing by one each turn; more points are awarded for more popular proposals.)

A player who chooses to do nothing must announce this publicly and take an award of 0. This is not the same as passing one's turn.

Rule Proposal 301
Amendment of Rule 208, Victory Conditions
Amend Rule 208 and replace "200" with "1000".
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