Adam Dray (adamdray) wrote in nomicwiki,
Adam Dray


Oh my god! So much has happened since yesterday.

First of all, the site has a new look. I tweaked the background color a little and put a little devilish lawyer icon up instead of the standard Mediawiki logo.

Lisa cast the final vote on Proposal 302, enacting the rule-change. I renamed the page and such as required by Rule 301.

Bobson posted a new idea and we discussed it a bit before he posted it as a proposal. In the end we determined it was an unnecessary rule and he decided not to propose it. Instead, he proposed Proposal 303. We're discussing that, too, and casting votes.

Beyond that, I established a page where we can post links to our ideas ... that is, pre-proposals. This way, we can get people's input on ideas before they go to the proposal stage. It's a lot easier to change your proposal around before people have started voting on it. In the meantime, we found out that Rule 111 allows for a certain amount of debate of a rule and even permits fixing the proposal, as long as no one has voted on it. Still, the process around this rule is a bit messy and I'd prefer to avoid it. There's an Ideas link on the front page now.

I posted an idea for a new voting procedure and some discussion about that issue. Check that out and comment before my turn comes around.

I also started writing a Lexicon of Nomic terms to help people understand the shades of meaning in terms like Rule, Rule-Change, and Proposal. Nothing in there is an official rule, but it may help people interpret the ruleset. Do check it out. I'm sure some of my findings and definitions will surprise you...
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